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Using micro SD to boot Windows 10 on Nextbook

I am no kind of programmer, just a middle aged mom with time on her hands and wanted to see if I could... I am trying to upgrade a Nextbook NXW10QC32G from Windows 8.1 to 10.  My terminology may not be correct, but I hope you can follow my train of thought.  First, not enough storage on the tablet to do a traditional download for the upgrade.  I came across this website: and have successfully followed the path to creating the bootable micro SD.  Problem is, the detachable keyboard no longer works, so I am unable to use the F2 key on start up to boot Windows 10 from the micro SD.  I cannot figure out another way to accomplish this.  So, I am looking for any way to get my HOURS of diligence to pay off.  I don't know if your 'Plop' software would help, but thought it worth a shot to post here in hopes that someone would see and offer me a possible solution.  ANY suggestions are welcome....


According to pictures found online, the tablet has a micro-USB port. I cannot say if that port works as a USB On-The-Go port. May you plug an external keyboard on it? Whatever the software solution you will go through (booting from the SD card thanks to the BIOS or booting through the Plop boot manager of Elmar), a physical keyboard is mandatory. Even being quite easy to setup, Plop needs a few dozen keystroke at the first use, in order to be configured for your needs (here, booting from the SD card).

No physical keyboard, no hope.
And as soon as you get plugged a working keyboard to your tablet, you won't need Plop any more.  8)


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