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Noob questions: plopkexec entry for grub2 AND/OR running plopkexec with kexec

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When I do a

--- Code: ---sudo ./kexec -l ./plopkexec
sudo ./kexec -e

--- End code ---

My system hangs without doing anything. I see however that for some reason I can change the caps-lock key and the leds light up so something runs - I know from early assembly dev days that the leds of keyboard change only when a program changes them so something runs haha.

FYI: When I enter the sudo ./kexec commands above I am already out from X and run it from a plain terminal as I don't have too much experience with kexec so this seemed to be the safest.

--- Quote ---The easiest would be to create a custom plopkexec.cfg with your kernel settings.
--- End quote ---

I am not even sure if the drive is really mounted as I was just playing a very limited time around in the terminal, but I see: I will try to create a plopexec.cfg and see if it works or ask if it isn't.

Btw I could not build the app myself as I am having a really hard time with the added busybox because it needs librpc but I only have libtirpc and I was not even having a static lib of that, so I had to build it and fail miserably haha. Is the binary the same as the last source on the page? I guess it does not count so much that I cannot compile it as it is completely self-contained and a static binary.

PS.: I will try the kexec way of running once again as I think it prints out one line, but it is just an informative message and I cannot copy it because the machine hangs and I have to turn it off-on...

PS2.: I was trying the grub.exe way only because if I just run

--- Code: ---./kexec -l /path/to/grub.exe
./kexec -e

--- End code ---

Then I got something up and running. I was not really able to do anything, but something started up surely and I can enter some grub-like commands like "help". Other than that I had no luck kexec-ing into anything so far :-(

Okay... This is what happens:

--- Code: ---sudo ./kexec -l ./plopkexec
sudo ./kexec -e
[ 8458.389930] kexec_core: Starting new kernel

--- End code ---

At the '_' sign the machine seems to be frozen completely. At this point I was able to press caps-lock or num-lock several times and the leds have changed. Also I had the idea to enter "help" (despite I do not see anything written) and press enter. After waiting enough time I see the "caps-lock" led continuously blinking in the way it was blinking before when I was starting plopkexec from the grub menu and it had a kernel panic so I guess there was some kernel panic in the background maybe if I wait enough?

Oh... I was so wrong... the machine is not "frozen", but I am in a different video mode hahahhaa

I mean... using kexec to run plopkexec seemed to froze down only because the kernel is having a graphic mode using modesetting even if I am in the "seemingly text terminal". I am sure that plopkexec is running in the background after this operation because in case I press "R" for reboot, it indeed reboots the machine!!!

Before realizing this I have even "stole" your kexec binary when running plopkexec from grub and mounting one of the usb keys. I played around a bit in the terminal and there I can mount a drive and also I can kexec it - but similarly it is "frozen" (I guess something does not show because video mode is bad once again).

I do not know how people are using this, but there should be a way to set maybe 80x25 directly in a proper way? Or what should I do to see the started things?

So it is because of statefullness of the VGA card it seems...


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