Plop Boot with USB Keyboard driver

Started by viki2000, May 27, 2019, 14:32:10 PM

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This is a special case of Sony Vaio laptop, I think with BIOS corrupted.
I can boot from USB.
The keyboard and touchpad are dead, I think due to BIOS corruption. I changed the keyboard with a new one and it is the same frozen situation.
I cannot enter in BIOS, I do not know why.
When I could enter in BIOS I changed for a short test from UEFI to MBR and then I could not enter anymore.
I can boot from USB stick live Linux as Ubuntu or other flavors of Linux.
I cannot boot Windows live OS. I do not know why. I tried Win7, Win8, Win10 live environments and after boot screen it is blocked in an infinite loop.
With Ubuntu started the USB external keyboard and mouse can be detected and work, because the USB drivers are loaded.
I need to boot Win10 somehow and update the BIOS, re-flash it.
I hoped Plop Boot Manager let me boot UEFI despite of BIOS MBR Legacy setting, inaccessible setting to me now.
If the USB drivers are not loaded, then I have no keyboard and no mouse for selection in menu during boot time. So only automatically selection with Timeout is possible.
What I think I need:
- Plop Boot Manager to boot from USB stick or install on local SSD automatically without keyboard and mouse or to have USB keyboard and mouse drivers loading at startup.
- Live USB stick or installed on SSD Win10 OS for short time until I run the BIOS update .exe from Sony, which is declared to be Win10 32bit.

How can I achieve all these miracles?
At least is it possible / doable?