Questions about your project "New boot manager"

Started by Picobot, September 21, 2019, 01:06:10 AM

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Hi Elmar,

I have two questions about your new project:

Will the new manager contain it's own NVMe driver ? E.g. will it be possible to boot from a NVMe SSD, even if the system does not support NVMe at all or does support booting from NVMe only in UEFI mode ( and not in CSM / legacy mode ) ?

Will the GPT support include the possibility to "hide" not only MBR partitions, but also GPT partitions by setting the corresponding flag in the GPT entry ?

Thx in advance for your clarification and keep up the good work.

C.U. Picobot


seems to only boot USB 1.1

hangs if I do USB 2 and loose USB keyboard
and has boot error if USB 1.1

after I am finished slowly booting from USB 1.1 for my unraid test I will match up the logs for settings tried ..

what has got me is it did boot once as USB 2 , but since then USB keyboard keeps dropping so can not tell it to boot from USB ... going to try digging up my ps2 . even going into settings and selecting not to use 0 or 2 / 3 etc it does not boot

every-time I attach log files it will not let me post ?