configure vmware workstation 15 to use plop boot software

Started by xcsae33, December 26, 2019, 06:15:31 AM

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I want to try a lot of tutorials as given here windows tutorials (tutorial index)
So I need to prepare a lot of live USB sticks or USB sticks in the formats in which tutorials mention. Most of these tutorials that I want to try are windows installation media creation, creating recovery disks creating custom partitions etc. I want to try them first on virtual machines then want to try the steps on real hardware.
I read a tutorial here  for usb booting in VMware.
Here is how my virtual machine settings look like.

I power on the firmware and see the boot options

configure boot options

add boot options

No USB  boot options

So the question is how do I configure vmware workstation 15 so that I can boot using USB sticks.
I tried using plop boot ISO also
I downloaded from this page
I downloaded package   
tried putting it as an ISO to boot

I selected the plpt iso (which is probably plop boot manager ISO)

how to configue vmware workstation 15 to boot a virtual machine from a bootable usb drive.
There was no effect of using plpt boot ISO. What next can I try?
I am using Vmware Workstation 15 Pro 15.1.0 build-13591040.


Your virtual machine is configured to boot in UEFI mode. The Plop Boot Manager is not UEFI compatible.

Usually, you can boot from USB with UEFI without any problems. But the the OS on the USB drive must be UEFI compatible and you need the "EFI/boot" directory with the OS loader on the drive.