Struggling to figure out where restored files should show up.

Started by duncanmarshall, February 04, 2021, 12:42:01 PM

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I've never used this program before.  I have an HFS+ volume from a MacBook that I suspect has bad sectors.  I have no Apple devices to test with.  Instead I have Win7 and Linux.  My Linux install does not mount the HFS+ volume, unlike other working HFS+ volumes.  The MacBook that it came from showed the folder/question mark thing.

I went through the six steps that the hfsprecue documentaion outlines here:

I'm now trying to get just one file for test purposes, like so:

Giving this output:

hfsprescue 3.5 2020/09/25 by Elmar Hanlhofer

Start: 2021/02/04 11:34:10

*** Force block size: 4096
Signature:                      0x00,  (Unknown)
LastMountedVersion:             , last mount was not done by Mac OS X.
CreateDate:                     1904-01-01 00:00:00  [UID: 0x0]
ModifyDate:                     1904-01-01 00:00:00+0000
BackupDate:                     1904-01-01 00:00:00+0000
CheckedDate:                    1904-01-01 00:00:00+0000
FileCount:                      0
DirCount:                       0
BlockSize:                      4096
TotalBlocks:                    0
AllocationFile StartBlock:      0
ExtentsOverflowFile StartBlock: 0
CatalogFile StartBlock:         16778240
Total size:                     698 GB

Extracting the ExtentsOverflowFile to 'restored/ExtentsOverflowFile'.

You are forcing the block size. I assume, the Volume Header is not correct.
Automatic extracting of the ExtentsOverflowFile has been disabled! This means
strong fragmented files will not be restored! When you want to use the
ExtentsOverflowFile, then you have to restore it manually with '--extract-eof'.
Use '--ignore-eof' to restore without ExtentsOverFlowFile.

I don't see where the file is, or even where it should be.  I'm not really sure where to go from here with the process.



Did you read the paragraph at the end of the output you posted?

At the end you find

Use '--ignore-eof' to restore without ExtentsOverFlowFile.


Huh.  I had tried that, but it didn't work.  Seems to be working now.  Perhaps I typed something differently the first time.

Okay, thanks, that's great.  I can now get individual files out.

I still don't know how to recapture my directory architecture though. The restored directory contains newroot, and that contains x_directory_problem and x_unknown, the former of which contains various directory architectures which I don't recognize, and which contain hardly any files.

My one file which I've now successfully found, for example.  How do I find out where that belongs?


It seems that important parts of the old file system are missing and the old structure can't be restored by hfsprescue.

The "x_directory_problem" directory should have valid files. hfsprescue is not able to do more in that case.