ifplop.c32 does not work in syslinux running from a disk image

Started by ruuser, April 23, 2020, 14:49:32 PM

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Hi all! I plan to use usb-hdd on different PCs, including old ones. To run on the old PC, I want to use syslinux(with Plop), but not install it on a usb-hdd, and run it from the disk image. I do this:

  title  sysimage
map (hd0,0)/sysimage.ima (hd1)
map --hook
root (hd1)

sysimage.ima - image with syslinux installed & plpbt.bin.

Syslinux itself(versions 4.01-6.03) is running normally, but the driver check does not work - no detections at all...

label __plop_check__
  com32 ifplop.c32
  append _plop_detected -- _plop_not_detected

label _plop_not_detected
  linux /plpbt.bin

label _plop_detected
  com32 chain.c32
  append ntldr=/grldr

If syslinux installed on a real disk instead of to an image, the check works perfectly.
Question: is it possible to make the check work when syslinux running from an disk image, too? Thanks.

PS. Many thanks to the developer of Plop Boot Manager, this is a really cool thing!

PPS. ifplop.c32 work correctly only if i use memdisk with option "harddisk" for mapping sysimage.ima, but memdisk is not that i need...


If someone is interested in this question -  the Xorboot is able to mount a disk image(as HDD image), when loading from which Syslinux correctly checks for the Plop-driver.