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I tried to use PLoP bootmanager to boot a bootable cd from a computer that didn't support booting from USB CD/DVD drives.  I guess it only supports USB hard disks for booting so i'd request the ability to boot from USB CD/DVD drives if its not too much trouble.


i began to add usb support for cd/dvd drives. its stopped, because it didnt work well. i will continue my work on it later.

Support for usb CD/DVD drives would be very wanted, i think. For example if you have OS on DVD and you have only external USB DVD Reader, you would be able to install OS to such computer. VERY USEFUL FEATURE...

yes, it would be a useful feature, but if you want to install an operating system from usb cd/dvd drive, then the install program must support this. a lot of people want to install xp from usb cdrom, but xp does not support this.


I think you have misunderstood something about the installation of XP from a USB CD. That works fine, I've had to do that many times without problems. What doesn't work easily is to install XP to a USB mass-storage device (it works with a lot of "buts" or tweaking, ie you can make a UBCD4WIN installation, but that isn't a "proper" installation, and for a real installation you have to do some extra tasks).

Below are links to instructions:


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