InstallToBootMenu - boot menu updated, but "Press any key to reboot..."

Started by oldboot, October 19, 2021, 15:04:27 PM

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Error trying to get working the install to Windows boot menu on IBM ThinkCentre S50 Type 8183-21G

Using the current ""

Existing SSD environment: Windows 7 Professional SP1 i386 / w32

Used batch file "InstallToBootMenu.bat" without changing anything to install to Windows boot menu (NOT to MBR) but after reboot and on selecting its entry (appearing in Windows boot menu after local hdd) a black screen appears after approx. a second's delay with "Press any key to reboot...", which just cycles back to Windows boot menu and so ad inf..

Evidently no issues with BIOS or the SSD being used because if I deploy in floppy drive a: the plpbt.bin (NOT the install version fdd) it brings up the (space invaders-reminiscent) green lettering of plop and that enables select of USB which when chosen finds usb stick and from which I have booted live i386/w32 "cdroms" of Debian LXQt and MX Linux. 

The ran "plpcfgbtGUI.exe" as Admin and its screen is all greyed out except for plpbt.bin in box 'Boot Manager File' at top. Clicking the Open box gets error "Boot manager file not found".
"plpbt.bin" is in default location as per install. 
Selecting the Open dialogue appearing next to its displayed name enables immediate selection of "plpbt.bin" and then rest is not greyed out. NB on opening default plop directory of c:\plop there are:


- at bottom of its screen appears: 0.3 20110730
- at top of its screen it  refers to "plpcfgbt.exe version 0.11 20120203 found. Version Error"

Any ideas how to fix so when I select plopbm in windows boot menu it brings up plopbm with its green lettering like with fdd so I can choose USB and boot from USB stick in the way that was successful using floppy created with plopbm fdd image?