PMB6 PATA Divide-by-zero

Started by rcpa0, February 07, 2022, 21:02:02 PM

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PBM6 - Init hardware...
Timer... [OK]
PS/2... [OK]
PCI... [OK]

Exception: ISR 0x00, Divide-by-zero Error
cs: 00000020 eip: 00008468 eflags: 00010206
ss: 0028 esp: 000224c8
eax: ff7fff7f ebx: 000000ff ecx: 0 edx: ff7fff7f
esi: aeed3574 edi: aeed35c6 ebp: 000224ec
ds: 0028 es: 0028 fs: 0008 gs: 0008
old ss: aeed3574 old esp: aeed2ba4 errorcode: 0
cr0: 00000011 cr2: 00f0c31d cr3: 00038000 cr4: 00000240

Plop Boot Manager 6 -test-20210909 iso

Phoenix AwardBIOS v6.00PC


Thanks for the report. It should be fixed with the next release.