No License error using fpupdate

Started by rharsh, May 05, 2010, 21:44:28 PM

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I decided to try using F-PROT to do some virus scanning and am having a bit of trouble getting it to update.  I downloaded the current version from the f-prot site and run the 'usefprot' executable, which doesn't throw any errors.  When I run fpupdate I get an error message stating "Error: No license key found".

I looked in the /tmp/f-prot directory and the license.key file does exist, so my guess is fpupdate is looking for that file somewhere else.  Does anyone know where it's looking or how I can figure it out?  Thanks!


do you try it from cd? i tried it from cd and it works. but i discovered that fpupdate wants an absolute path. /tmp/f-prot/fpupdate. when no path is specified i got an "out of memory" error.