wireless GPRS modem under Linux

Started by raygeeknyc, May 07, 2010, 04:05:50 AM

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  I have the nearly perfect machine - my red Flybook a33i - I've got Ubuntu 8.04LTS running, the Penmount driver has the touchscreen working and a 250GB HD so that all of my movies and reading material are there.  The Wifi works with most of the WAPs I find.. most...

So I realize that the only thing missing is being able to put my SIM card in and go online with the built in modem.  Can anyone point me at a HOWTO or some driver docs to get this device up and running?



you can use the gprs modem with wvdial. somewhere in the www is a document about the AT commands. i cant remember where.
you can use minicom to test the dial commands

here are some infos http://www.fuschlberger.net/cds/flybook/7