After continuous progress until 78.62%, now stuck for several hours

Started by sv6ix, October 12, 2023, 11:52:38 AM

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Thank you for such a great software, it gives me some hope to retrieve my old files.

After scanning up to 76.72% in 12 hours, it is stuck at that percentage for the more than 7 hours.

sudo ./hfsprescue -s1 /dev/rdisk3s2 -d /Volumes/5TBSGUT
hfsprescue 3.6 07/04/2023 by Elmar Hanlhofer

Start: 2023/10/11 10:11:09

Signature:                      0x2b48, H+
LastMountedVersion:            HFSJ, last mount by Mac OS X.
CreateDate:                    2023-04-21 18:33:29  [UID: 0xe0688779]
ModifyDate:                    2023-05-23 04:51:12-0500
BackupDate:                    1904-01-01 00:00:00-0500
CheckedDate:                    2023-04-21 13:03:29-0500
FileCount:                      1958011
DirCount:                      54671
BlockSize:                      8192
TotalBlocks:                    610429334
AllocationFile StartBlock:      1
ExtentsOverflowFile StartBlock: 57445
CatalogFile StartBlock:        606309
Total size:                    4657 GB

78.62% scanned (3661.61 GB). Found: 422109 directories, 2377872 files.

Should I wait of abort and move to Step 2?

TIA for your help.





Thanks for your response. My external drive became unmountable (super block error) due to abrupt shutting down of my MacBook. I have quite a few files as well as some DD images on the drive. For some of these files I do not have backups elsewhere.



Usually, the program should not stop.

Is it possible that the drive has bad sectors?

I know, the partition is 4TB big, but are you able to create an image of the partition to another drive? The benefit would be that your old drive stays as it is when you work with the image.

Best reards


I did abort the previous run and proceeded to step 2 and followed on. I could retrieve a lot of my data including files, folder and dd images. Some data is missing but I received a note from the program to run step 3 with --alternatives which I did not do.

Now I am running the program again and it is stuck almost at the same point (very minor difference in bytes, folders and files):

sudo ./hfsprescue -s1 /dev/disk3 -d /Volumes/5TBSGUT/5TB_rescue/ -b 8192
hfsprescue 3.6 07/04/2023 by Elmar Hanlhofer

Start: 2023/10/13 17:37:00

*** Force block size: 8192
Signature:                      0x7328, (s (Unknown)
LastMountedVersion:             ?K, last mount was not done by Mac OS X.
CreateDate:                     1939-07-01 11:22:32  [UID: 0x42c52778]
ModifyDate:                     2020-03-20 14:14:34-0500
BackupDate:                     1998-04-22 13:19:55-0500
CheckedDate:                    1941-09-26 10:20:12-0500
FileCount:                      671088640
DirCount:                       0
BlockSize:                      8192
TotalBlocks:                    0
AllocationFile StartBlock:      5457480
ExtentsOverflowFile StartBlock: 0
CatalogFile StartBlock:         0
Total size:                     4657 GB

78.62% scanned (3661.80 GB). Found: 422090 directories, 2377878 files.

Likely that there may be bad blocks.

I will wait for some more time and then abort and proceed and this time also run the step I omitted the last time to see if I can retrieve some more of my data.

I am not sure what else to do... appreciate any possible steps that I can try.