HFSRescue "has to be implemented"?

Started by kaarsten, January 28, 2011, 14:49:36 PM

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I'm seeing in the code that files over a certain size and over certain offsets aren't salvaged due to lack of implementation. What's the technical stuff behind this? I was interested in seeing if I could possibly implement it, but I fail to see why it's necessary to check for these things. What do filesize and num have to do with implementation?

I'm trying to rescue some large files from an old HFS+ drive that crashed, but the tool refuses to do so, so I'd like to see about trying it.


i added the num ad filesize limit because of some not fully implemented directory decoding stuff. when recovered the >700gig partition, then i ran into an endless loop with a few files. i did not look closer why this happened. it was easier to add this simple check to recover all needed files. it should be possible to make the implementation better.