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Started by connard, June 24, 2010, 16:24:45 PM

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Congrats for your boot manager, it is great!
But we are missing a feature, we need to have a password on a profile, because it is to start an admin minint to save/load images of the main system. And of course for security reasons we do not want that our users can launch it.
Is it a way to do this? If not, do you consider adding it in your upcoming version ?

For the moment the only stuff we could do is hide the boot menu for 3-4 s and techs would press ESC to see the menu and select another profile, but it isn't very secure...

Thanks for your answer and your time.




no, its not possible to protect a profile with a password. the 5.0.x series will definitively not have this feature. maybe 5.1.x, but its too early to talk about it.



Hey Elmar,

Thanks for your quick answer.
Good luck for your great project.