Problem with XP on drive 0 and 2000 on drive 1: plop doesn't boot drive 1

Started by jyusko, June 25, 2010, 04:09:05 AM

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1.  I put a new HD in my machine and installed a fresh copy of XP on it.  Only one partition.
2.  I removed that HD and put another new HD in my machine and installed a fresh copy of 2000 Professional on it.  Only one partition.
3.  I now have master drive as the XP drive and slave drive as the 2000 drive.
4.  I installed PLoP via hard disk install (boot.ini method) on drive 1 (the XP drive)
5.  The option to boot into the XP drive (Profile 1) works fine, but when I choose the option to boot into the 2000 drive (Profile 2), the XP install loads up!

I've messed with everything in the second profile including setting HDB to say HDB1, etc., but still can't get the thing to work.  I think I'm missing something stupid, but can't seem to get it to work :(  ANY help would be great as this is a very cool program and I'd like to use it for other machines as well.



win2k (and xp too) are not able to boot from the second hard disk without a boot partition on the first hard disk. every time you try to boot from the second hard disk, the ntldr will look at the first hard disk to load boot.ini and so on. its possible to avoid this with a trick, but thats not supported by the plop boot manager 5.0.x. you can use grub4dos and search in the web for a howto or look to



Crap.  Looks like I bit off more than I can chew here :(  Maybe I'll just change the boot settings in the BIOS to boot from the other drive (if it'll let me).

I guess I didn't fully understand the capability of your cool-looking product.  Thanks anyway!!



dos, any linux, vista and win7 doesn't have this problem. it would work as you did, but nt, 2k and xp cant do it without trick.


Ironic that DOS can and XP can't, isnt it?

guess ill just install 2000 then xp on different partitions on the same drive and dual boot.