plop boot manager and usb cdrom

Started by malmallen, July 25, 2010, 18:57:01 PM

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I have a Maxdata Eco 3100X notebook with a tired Samsung CD/DVD drive so I use an external USB Plextor PX800A CD/DVD drive. I have tried to boot Win 7 from this external drive or USB Sandisk Cruiser Flash drive which are both supported in the bios with no luck. After trying every boot program on the net and failing I finally discovered this Plop Boot Manager which was brilliantly simple to use and very user friendly (I boot Plop BM from usb floppy). It worked beautifully for the USB Sandisk Cruiser Flash drive and very fast. However for the external USB Plextor PX800A CD/DVD drive it froze after loading the driver, I got a series of dots following the boot manager menu screen and flashing cursor which just hangs. I have tried the stable v5.10 and v5.11 trial but still the same issue. Is this a known problem or will there be a fix for it. Thanks in advance for a fantastic piece of software which has succeeded where many have failed, now I can at least boot win 7 from the flash drive.


usb cd/dvd drives are currently not supported, see here

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