one click reboot into usb?

Started by zonorph, August 18, 2010, 05:33:05 AM

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Hi Elmar, thanks for providing plop!  I have a USB boot question, sorry if it's already been answered elsewhere on the forum.  I searched first but couldn't find any other mention.

My friend wants to run a rescue USB boot disk but is not very good at pressing the F8 button in time to get into the BIOS.  Theoretically, is it possible through clever scripting to achieve this *safely*:

1.) have my friend first stick the linux boot rescue USB stick in his Windows XP computer while it's running Windows 
2.) have him then double click on a file (that I'll provide to him) that scripts an installation of PLOP on the harddrive, then reboots the system DIRECTLY into the USB stick (hidden mode) without any interaction?

Thanks for any pointers.


in theory its possible, but its easier when your friend or someone else is pressing the f8 key multiple times