Incomplete boot from USB with vmware

Started by gzk101, September 12, 2009, 19:49:47 PM

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Im from chinese,my english is poor ,so im sorry if you can't understand me.

it's very thikns to Elmar,it's really a good tools.but it's  compatibility is not very good.
beacause my company's computer is too old ,about 2000 or 2001years.when i user the plobt.bin boot from by the grub4s,it shows the follow informations ,then it's dead,and have to cold boot
-                                                                "
i really hope the author can solve the tool's compatibility.

PS:i used fbint tools to make mbr ,then boot from grub4s menu,like
"kernel (ud)/boot/plpbt.bin"   (ud) is the fbinst sepcecial format like(hd) or (fdd).

last ,i hope Elmar can making this code open source/GPL compliant,like chinese'a well-known saying" The more people,the more power"
chinese also have good Programme like the fbinst author (bean)
best wishes!

                                 chinese friend gzk101   from