PLop does not boot from second CD

Started by Joseph A, September 02, 2009, 22:42:01 PM

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Joseph A

Running PLop from a floppy it sees both my CDs.  However, it cannot boot from the second CD, only from the first.  It simply hangs!  What is the problem?


please test something
i want to know if it has to do with your hardware or that my driver simply has a problem with the second cd drive to boot.

swap the cd drives. try to boot from both drives. what happened?


Joseph A

Thanks for your prompt answer.  I apologize for the delay to reply back, but I was away for a few days and could not do it sooner.

In my computer I have a "Sony DVD-RW DRU-820A" and a "Hewlett-Packard CD-Writer Plus 9300" which were originally master & slave, respectively.  I booted PLoP from a floppy disk.

I made the test you suggested -- swapping the drives -- and found the following: if both drives are empty, PLoP (v5.0.3) correctly identifies them and indicates that both have no media mounted.  I then tried to load two bootable disks, one with "Ubuntu 9.04" and the other with "Easeus".

If the HP drive has any of the two disks mounted, the system hangs and needs a CTRL-ALT-DEL to restart.  If the HP drive is empty and the Sony drive has the Easeus disk in it, the same happens.  But if the disk in the Sony is the Ubuntu disk then it works well.

Without PLoP, both disks boot correctly from the master drive (either the Sony or the HP), if the computer is set to boot directly from the CD/DVD (only the master drive works), thus the problem is not merely caused by my two disks.

I see now that the situation is a little more complicated than I had initially described.

Booting from a bootable USB flash drive works well though, which is my more important use of this program, since my computer does not have USB boot capability.  What I would most like would be for PLoP to recognize an external CD connected through a USB port, but unfortunately this is not (yet) possible as I read in another post.

Thanks for your attention.