Removing Windows 7 boot manager left-overs

Started by Danny, October 16, 2010, 19:05:48 PM

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In late 2009, I installed Windows 7 Enterprise Edition (trial version) for a ninety day trial. I installed from a DVD I burned from a Microsoft download. I later gave the DVD to my nephew.

After the ninety day trial, I removed the Win 7 stuff from its dedicated partition. I use XP on this computer.

I would like to remove the Windows 7 boot manager which remains on my main partition. I did not have a problem installing PLOP, so that's not an issue. When PLOP hands over to Windows, I see the Windows 7 menu which contains a useless entry for Windows 7.

Instructions for doing this require BCDEDIT, a Microsoft utility, or a Win 7 DVD -- none of which I have.

Is there an easy way to remove this boot menu eyesore? I can boot from a Linux USB if that helps.


Update: A free program called EasyBCD can properly restore the XP loader. I had installed this program and forgotten about it.

Now I have to reinstall PLOP after fixing that Win 7 boot menu issue. Thanks for reading!