Plop Boot Manager and USB CD/DVD drive support

Started by bruce2k, October 17, 2010, 13:44:38 PM

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Hello Elmar:

I've read here that currently Plop Boot Manager doesn't support booting from an USB CD/DVD external drive.

I've also read some topics in this forum requesting and discussing this feature, but it seems that you stopped developing it some months ago.

It would be great, and I really mean it, to be abble to use boot CD/DVD on older PCs that don't support this feature "natively".

Will you please consider adding this feature?  :)


Best regards.


maybe it will be supported in 5.0.12




Agreed this would be absolutely fantastic!  I see that the latest test version does correctly detect my usb dvd drive but it still hangs on boot :-\  Can I ask - is this feature in the works?  I've got a whole pile of fujitsu lifebook p1120's that would benefit from this ;)