Plop Boot Manager and multiple USB Support

Started by sambul12, October 22, 2010, 20:33:01 PM

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I have a USB Hard Drive and a USB Flash Drive with Win XP installed directly to them (not ISO, RAM Drive, PE, etc.) and bootable via BIOS selection. I added Plop Boot Manager option to my EasyBCD Menu to avoid changing BIOS settings all the time, when booting from HD or USB. When USB Flash is the only one USB drive connected, Plop Boot Manager boots from it right away, but when I connect a second USB HD, Plop shows error message: "No NTLDR". I checked the USB port sequence, and the port where USB HD is hooked, is checked first. Still, Plop can't find another USB (Flash) drive, just keep searching indefinitely, when Ctrl - N option is selected. Yet, when I select "USB Flash" in BIOS as the drive to boot from, Win XP boots normally from it. Hence, the problem is in Plop. Any ideas?

Also, USB port check order seems to be different in Plop compare to BIOS, and the USB HD hooked port is shown first, while in BIOS this drive is shown after the USB Flash. Not sure, if USB Flash is detected by Plop at all, when another USB HD is present in the system. It does detect all USB devices in a VMWare VM thought, but not on a real PC.