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Question about PLoP Boot Manager and installing Windows XP

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Hi Elmar,

I have a question.

I plan on using PLoP on a floppy disk so I can use the USB boot option to install Windows XP on an old laptop.

The thing is Windows XP likes to restart a couple of times during the install process.

So, I want to know... what should I do when the laptop restarts?
Should I let the laptop restart to PLoP (via floppy disk) or should I let the laptop restart normally?

I'm guessing I should let the laptop restart normally, but I'm not sure.

I don't want to mess up the laptop so I need your expert advise, Elmar! :)

the first question is what do you want to boot from usb. a cdrom or usb harddisk? usb cdroms are currently not supported.

here,24.0.html is a possible solution to install xp with an usb harddisk, but you have to use ms-dos instead of freedos.

i am sure there are other ways to install xp. how are your plans to install xp?


Hi Elmar,

Sorry for not being clear.

I plan on putting PLoP on a floppy disk.  Then I plan on using the USB boot option to install Windows XP from a USB flash drive on an old Sony VAIO FX310 laptop.

I used Unetbootin ( to make the USB flash drive bootable with the Windows XP iso.

My only main concern, like I mentioned above, is when the XP install process wants to restart.

Since I'm using PLoP to boot up from my USB drive, I'm not sure what the proper procedure is.

If I let the laptop restart normally (taking out the PLoP floppy disk on restart), I'm afraid that something like what aiha experienced will happen.

Let me know what I should do.


hmm, i am still not sure what you are afraid of. you have a floppy drive and when the usb boot option of my boot manager works, then you are in the lucky position that what ever happens, you will be able to get system on your laptop.

did you try your usb flash drive to boot and install anywhere? did you see any site that tells you that unetbootin and the xp iso work as you wish?

Joseph A:
Ray, I have a possible solution for you, if you are talking about Windows XP.  It solved my problem with a laptop that had a damaged internal DVD but that still had a working floppy drive.

Go to read carefully and get the proper program for you.

What these programs do, for different versions of Windows XP, is to generate some six setup floppies from which you can boot and install a nucleus of Windows. Thereafter, you can load the original Windows CD, which at this point can be mounted even on an external CD/DVD connected though a USB port.


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