plop boot managger dosent boot my usb

Started by acepro71, November 03, 2010, 19:55:29 PM

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 :'( :'(i just download plop boot manager and burn its ios on a disk and now when i enter cd it boots automaticalyy and show me this page

but when i try to boot usb it shows me a empty box and hangs up my pc plz help tell me how to boot usb  :-\ :-\


how does an empty box look like?

are you able to boot your usb drive on a pc with bios usb support?



 :)1st of all thanks for replying so fast

2nd thing no i m not abel to boot from usb :(

whenever i click usb it shows me a a emty box and my pc stucks :(


Hello and thank you for your help !
I've nearly the same situation.
I use a usb key on which is settled "multisystem". This key works on my new computer.
I want to use it on other old computers where it's impossible to boot on usb.
I downloaded the current boot manager, extracted it to get the iso file plpbt.iso and burned a CD.
I put the key in a usb port of this old computer and plop boot manager in the CD-ROM and I start the computer.
Plop begins ; in the first window which appears there a line usb. If I select it plop blocks : it's impossible to change anything.
What might I do ?
Thank you for your answsers.