Newbie Help with autostartx and more

Started by BradMajors, November 12, 2010, 18:07:06 PM

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I've downloaded the latest version 4.1.0 and have managed to get it installed on my Redhat Server. I was able to add ploplinux to my existing pxelinux.cfg\default file. After fixing a few typos on my part I can PXE boot ploplinux.

I've tried to modify the rc.local file so that I can have startx running right away by uncommenting the line below

#uncomment to autorun startx
sh autostartx

however startx fails to start but will start if I manually type "startx" at the # prompt.

I can almost get it running by calling my own script at the end of rc.local


sh mystartx

and mystartx contains

I put mystartx script in the same bin directory as rc.local

When I PXE boot this way startx seems to start but I see 3 terminal sessions on top of the Xwindow (I can see the 'X' cursor in between the terminal session windows.)

If I exit all 3 terminal sessions I end up back at the # prompt and if I type

#sh myscript

startx will start as expected and I see a desktop with all of the ploplinux icons.

My eventual goal is to start Firefox with a blank homepage, so that I can use it to navigate to the management page of a 'network appliance' on the same subnet. Although I haven't really looked yet I'm assuming there are some network tools built in I can scan the subnet with??

Any help would be appreciated...


i forgot two "\" :)

use the attached autostartx file.
copy the file to the ploplinux/bin directory. don't forget to give it executable permissions.

best regards