Boot Manager Hangs - Unplug USB Key - Boot Resumes

Started by guidancegroup, December 19, 2010, 19:18:24 PM

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Hello, I am trying to use Plop Boot Manager on an old server without USB boot support.

I use Plop Boot Manager to boot the server from CD-ROM.

The OS I need to run is on a USB key (it is FreeNAS). But the boot hangs until I remove the key. Then I plug the key back in and Plop resumes normally.

1. "Loading plpbt.bin...ready."
2. System hangs.
3. Remove USB key
4. Plop boot resumes. It displays menu Floppy, CD-ROM, USB.
5. Plug in USB key
6. Choose USB from Plop menu
7. FreeNAS boots from USB key.

How can I boot without removing the USB key? Thank you.


please test this
what do you see when it hangs? when you see a sequence of chars, then write it down

best regards