Load from network using PXE

Started by R Ringma, September 21, 2009, 16:57:48 PM

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R Ringma

Is there a way to load the PLOP from our server, Windows Server 2003, with PXE?
PXE because we own older pc's that have the PXE function.

If there is, do you have a tutorial for it?


you have to use pxelinux like here

linux itself is not required

R Ringma

we have ploplinux on our server.

when start the computer from the server (pxe), i get Plop linux.
then i type 'plp' and it start plop boot manager, but when i select usb
it returns to ploplinux(startupscreen).

it says that plop boot manager is succesfully started. but is freezes after i selected the usb.

first he searches on the floppy drive, and the led on the usb also lightens up, but it does nothing.

do you have any idea?


I am also having the freeze problem. Would love to get this working! I have laptops without cd drives that will boot pxe. I have got it to boot but when I select USB it freezes. I have tested this on many systems and my USB stick is good and works with PLoP on everything but PXE so far. Let me know if these is anything I can try, thanks!!