Boot from USB_pendrive_load USB2.0 support

Started by demontager, September 23, 2009, 12:39:35 PM

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Help me to understand where is my problem in that issue:
I trying to load USB2.0 support via Plop to speed up loading WinXP.iso to memory in order to install it to hard drive, but can't do that. My menu.lst include for Plop

title PLoP Boot Manager
root (hd0,0)
kernel /boot/plpbt.bin

And for WinXP.iso

title Loading XP RAM install - /Inst/XP_RAM.ISO
ls /Inst/XP_RAM.ISO || find --set-root /Inst/XP_RAM.ISO
map --mem /Inst/XP_INST.IMA (fd0)
map --mem /Inst/XP_RAM.ISO (0xFF)
map (hd0) (hd1)
map (hd1) (hd0)
map --hook
chainloader (0xFF)/I386/SETUPLDR.BIN

First I choose PLoP Boot Manager it opens menu and i choose "USB", then it returns me to grub4dos menu, then choose  Loading XP RAM install - /Inst/XP_RAM.ISO, and after some time receive error:

Error 21: Selected disc does not Exist
Press any key to continue..

If i do not use Plop, WinXP.iso loads to memory after 10 minutes and startup process starts.


there are may be 2 reasons .

1. unknown reason that only Elmar can explain , when we load it using grub4dos and try loading a iso either straight or in memory , it just goes blank . i mean screen goes blank and remain so unless we restart .

2. usb becomes read only when plop takes over.


And who is Elmar? USB pendrive become read only?


Elmar is me, i am the developer of the PLoP Boot Manager.

Quote from: demontager on September 23, 2009, 12:39:35 PM
Error 21: Selected disc does not Exist

it looks like there is something wrong with the grub configuration. the usb drive became the first harddisk (hd0) when the usb driver is loaded.


Oops, sorry that not familiar with developer.  :) Ok. I'll try another grub4dos installation, because i found at least 3 different GUIs for its installing, or maybe  can I use Linux Grub? I think all options should be same as for grub4dos. Actualy my OS is Linux, and Windows I just run in Virtual Box only.  My main goal is create one bootable USB pendrive with at leas of 5 systems on it-Windows7, WindowsXP, Hiren, and some Linux systems.


try this grub gui. i had no problems with it as i tested usb booting with windows xp one year ago.

info about virtualbox:
the current boot manager usb drivers are not working correct with virtualbox.


I put the lasest PLoP Boot Manager v5.0.4 released to my fba that made by fbinst,and tested by thousand peplole, it works more better than v5.0.3 vision,but it also can,t work on some motherbord,like this:
and more ...
best wishes
your chinese friend gzk101


can you give me the names of a few motherboards that does not work?


Note to Elmar: VirtualBox OSE (Open Source Edition) will not work at all with usb because they took usb support out of the OSE edition - they are included though if you buy the fully paid version of VirtualBox.



Quote from: Elmar on October 12, 2009, 17:39:02 PM
can you give me the names of a few motherboards that does not work?
can you offer a simple scrip that can install  on harddisk,then i can to strive for more people to test it.

i know how to install plpbt.bin to harddisk,edit boot.ini,and boot from it,but the most peple can't do it,so i hope you can offer a fool scrip for than to install.


i thought you have some boards by hand because of your post
Quote from: gzk101 on October 12, 2009, 16:23:10 PM
but it also can,t work on some motherbord,like this:


Sorry, but it is very hard to read Chinese forum even with goggle translator,  do you have any adapted English manuals and videos for it?
I'll try your grub and will post my results here soon , still little bit bothered with my job.
And actually about Virtual Box, I meant I didn't use it for testing Plop USB2.0 support, all my testing with Plop i do on real hardware. I do it on Gateway laptop, and it has 2 hard drives inside, so that is confusing Plop, something wrong with mapping I think.