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Started by Roland, November 11, 2009, 23:12:58 PM

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This is amazing. I had been wondering why, after looking at a hundred web pages on booting from USB, someone wouldn't just write a boot manager that could operate the USB ports without having to have support from the BIOS. So, thinking along that line I did a Google search today that led me to your project.  I only have a 2Gb USB stick now (holding out for a cheaper 32Gb), so I put FreeDOS on the stick. After PLoP booted of the CD FreeDOS booted in about 1 second. It was amazing. All of those pages and pages of forums and tech sites looking for a solution and here it is, PLoP.

Did I say thanks?  Danke, sie sind ein über-hacker.


 ;D if you have time, you can tell them about my boot manager ;D

best regards


Yeah, I thought about it. The most time consuming part would be all of the bloody registrations on the forums.  :P

Set up a Paypal account for donations.