mft: attribute type 0x0

Started by choum, June 26, 2009, 15:15:36 PM

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Hi Elmar,

I got a Sony VAIO FE31Z with a 200Gb Fujitsi hdd,
I'm trying to get plpgenbtldr.exe, but it's not generating me the .bin.

I verified that my file plpbt.bin is contig, and i got my lcn with diskview,
but it keeps rendering the same problem.

Once i launched the .exe, my command window keep blocking on several lines mentionning :

mft: attribute type 0x0
And stay like this, any clue on this issue?


plpgenbtldr is not perfect.

use the LCN value from diskview and run plpgenbtldr lcn=[your value].



I already did,

and it keeps  giving me the same message, atribute type 0x0,
do you have any idea of what it means?

any problem with my hdd, or my OS,
i'll try to give you a screenshot tom,
thanks for replying.