Can not boot from partition.Please Help!!!

Started by esger, November 19, 2009, 19:29:52 PM

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How can I boot from partition?

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Hi.First  sorry for may english.I am student in turkey.Thanxx all who made this little useful program.
I have a small problem.I want to make bootable recovery partition on my computer.I created new partition(10Gb) and copied all Windows 7 files to this partition.Then installed this program.But i cant boot from this partition.I have 250Gb external WD hard drive and i can bott from this.I want only to make bootable recovery partition using original windows 7 dvd files.
Please help to make this.
I waiting your posts.Thanxx for this.
Best Regards,Esger.


hmm, i think i dont understand exactly what you want.
you want to have one windows 7 on your internal harddisk and on a second partition you want to have a recovery partition?

what role does the external harddisk play?



Thanxx for answer.I made my own system image file .wim(first backed up system,then made a .wim file from this .vhd file) and replaced with original Windows 7 .wim file.So,now i have 10Gb my own Windows 7 dvd image.i have partitioned hard disc for that to place this own new Windows 7 dvd image to the new partition.I have now 31Gb Windows partition,10Gb new made partition(for recovery purpose) and 250Gb partition for my own files.I placed new made all Windows 7 files to the new partition(10Gb),and also installed Plop Boot Manager.also copied new Made Windows 7 files to the external hard disc(to prevent any damaging or lost new made .wim file only).but after installing plop boot manager i could not to boot from my internal hard disk partition which contains new made windows 7 files.then i restarted i could to boot from external hard i cant understand,why external program boots external hard disk,but internal hard disk dont wont to boot.very very sorry for my bad english.
Best Regards,


what are wlm files? what program does create this?
how did you install the boot manager?
what do you see in the main menu when the boot manager starts?

please dont write in one large flow. try to format your text a little bit.


wim the main windows dvd file(it places in sources folder in windows dvd).during installation it expands and makes windows.i made my system image as wim file with Windows Automated Installation Kit and Gimagex.then replaced with original .wim i have my custom windows 7 dvd image.i placed this custom windows dvd files to the new partition to make bootable recovery partition.then installed boot manager that how it was written in READ ME.txt file with.when boot manager starts i see there partitions,floppy,usb flash,cd-dvd rom,about box,shutdown(remembered these).i choose in the start menu new partition to boot from,and opens new windows,but windows installer setup dosnt start.when i connect external hard disk to the computer,after restarting i choose hard disk from boot manager and it succesfully starts and windows setup begins to prepare install custom i want that:to make internal partition(which contains custom windows files) bootable for future recovery.