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Boot Problem

Started by ers1121, December 15, 2009, 16:48:44 PM

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I tried booting my external hdd with Ubuntu off of the CD this morning, it booted into the welcome screen for PLoP with the options in the upper left hand corner. That"s where it stops, I cannot choose where to boot from, if I hit enter all it does is restart, any ideas?


does the starfield still work when you start the boot manager?
did you try the textmode?



The starfield does work, all I get is the option  screen asking where to boot from. The option to boot from hdd partition 1 blinks. I have no way of changing where it want to boot from. I removed the USB keyboard & installed a PS/2 keyboard after reading that the program didn't support USB. Still no responce from any key until I hit enter which just boots into Windows. This is a Dell GX620 w/ Windows 2000 Pro if it makes any difference, but I doubt it. Any ideas?