Changing keyboard language on X

Started by xever, March 02, 2010, 12:13:10 PM

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Hi, nice linux distribution by the way!  ;D ;D
everything works fine for me to boot over PXE except changing the kb-settings in gnome/luxbox.
I need a swiss german keyboard.
Tried the german example which i can't get to work also.
Do you have any suggestions?


you can set the german keyboard in a terminal with "setxkbmap de"

2 ways to automate it

1) add at the beginning of /root/.xinitrc the command "setxkbmap de"
add to your myscripts/

echo setxkbmap de > /root/.xinitrc
echo /root/gnome >> /root/.xinitrc

this works for fluxbox too

2) m aybe better, you can add the "setxkbmap de" to the gnome and fluxbox script and copy it with the to the /root directory.

best regards


Works fine.
Thanks for the fast response.