Error while building an ISO on Windows

Started by aamshukov, January 10, 2017, 02:55:28 AM

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I am trying to follow the instructions how to build an ISO on the Windows side
( and getting the following errors:

1) cd d:\tmp\mkisofs
        01/20/2006  08:28 AM         1,805,448 cygwin1.dll
        04/29/2006  11:01 PM           221,130 mkisofs.exe
        11/03/2016  05:26 AM    <DIR>          ploplinux-4.3.2
        10/24/2010  08:47 AM            26,638 plpmkiso.exe

2) cd ploplinux-4.3.2
        05/16/2014  10:58 PM    <DIR>          efi.disabled
        12/01/2016  08:58 AM    <DIR>          ploplinux
        01/14/2015  02:35 PM    <DIR>          syslinux

3) Running plpmkiso.exe
        plpmkiso 0.3 20101024

        create a plop linux iso image

        Please enter the plop linux version (ex. 4.1.0): 4.3.2

        Searching plop linux in ploplinux-4.3.2\
        Searching plop linux in ploplinux-4.3.2\ploplinux-v4.3.2\
        Searching plop linux in ploplinux-v4.3.2\
        Searching plop linux in ploplinux-v4.3.2\ploplinux-v4.3.2\

        Error: plop linux 4.3.2 not found. Press ENTER to exit.

Or manually:
    ..\mkisofs -J -r -V ploplinux-4.3.2 -hide-joliet-trans-tbl -hide-rr-moved -allow-leading-dots -o ploplinux-4.3.2-x86_64.iso -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -c syslinux/boot.catalog -b syslinux/isolinux.bin -boot-info-table -l ploplinux-4.3.2
        Warning: creating filesystem that does not conform to ISO-9660.
        ../mkisofs: No such file or directory. Invalid node - ploplinux-4.3.2

Any ideas what was wrong?

Thank you in advance.