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USB Hubs

Started by kaarsten, November 27, 2010, 08:05:01 AM

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Why is it that USB hubs aren't supported? Is it simply that they're unimplemented or is it technically impossible to include support? I just want to know, especially for people whose computers use internal hubs, since the implementation of USB hubs would help greatly.


usb hubs are simply not implemented. why? because the boot manager is stored (with hard disk install) in the place before the first partition starts. in a standard partition layout i have 63 sectors available (= 63 *512 bytes = 31.5kb). there is simply no space left, even if the hub implementation would add only a few hundred bytes. 5.1.x will have hub support, but i did not start to write it.



Ah. I'm just interested in it because my laptop won't boot USB due to internal USB hubs.