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Plop Linux / Re: Problem with bnx2 module
« Last post by Elmar on November 20, 2019, 15:52:28 PM »
Correct, the /lib/firmware is not available after lib.sqfs has been mounted. /lib/firmware is then the firmware directory from lib.sqfs. When there is no /lib/firmware directory, then you are using the wrong lib.sqfs.
Plop Linux / Re: Problem with bnx2 module
« Last post by The_Raven on November 20, 2019, 15:40:24 PM »
I took the file (initramfs.gz) from plop 19.4, extract it, add /lib/firmware and repack it. After that, my "self made" initramfs.gz has about 23MB.
When i boot with this file, the folder /lib/firmware/ is not there. I think the folder /lib is overwritten by lib.sqfs.
Are i am wrong?

Edit: I have done this with older plop versions and it has worked.
Plop Linux / Re: Problem with bnx2 module
« Last post by Elmar on November 20, 2019, 15:14:55 PM »
When your network card needs a firmware file, then you can still add that file to initramfs.gz. You have to create the firmware directory. If not, then you are using the wrong initramfs tree. Are you creating initramfs.gz with the files from ploplinux-release-19.4.tar.gz?
Plop Linux / Re: Problem with bnx2 module
« Last post by The_Raven on November 20, 2019, 15:05:37 PM »
Thx for fast response!
But does this work with PXE booting?
Correct me if i am wrong, but first it loads kernel and initramfs. Then it connects the network and load the other files (usr.sqfs, lib.sqfs etc.).
But if the firmware is not present, it can't load the other files. ;)
Plop Linux / Re: Problem with bnx2 module
« Last post by Elmar on November 20, 2019, 14:53:14 PM »
Now, you have to use lib.sqfs for firmware updates.
Plop Linux / Re: Problem with bnx2 module
« Last post by The_Raven on November 20, 2019, 14:41:53 PM »
I tried to add firmware to plop 19.4 (initramfs.gz).
But after boot i have no folder /lib/firmware and firmware loading fails.
Has something changed in plop 19.4?
Boot Managers / boot directly to mSATA
« Last post by ieee488 on November 10, 2019, 16:46:56 PM »
I have a Lenovo X131e

I was able to install Windows 10 on a mSATA drive that is connected the WWAN slot in the laptop.

But the BIOS does not let me select the mSATA drive to boot. It is a known limitation of the BIOS.
I have purchased a mSATA to SATA adapter board.

But before it arrives, I was thinking it would be interesting to see if I can install Plop boot manager to SD card.
Boot from it, and then automatically have Windows 10 boot on the mSATA.

Can this be done?

Boot Managers / Re: Using micro SD to boot Windows 10 on Nextbook
« Last post by ieee488 on November 10, 2019, 16:40:54 PM »
I am no kind of programmer, just a middle aged mom with time on her hands and wanted to see if I could... I am trying to upgrade a Nextbook NXW10QC32G from Windows 8.1 to 10.  My terminology may not be correct, but I hope you can follow my train of thought.  First, not enough storage on the tablet to do a traditional download for the upgrade.  I came across this website: and have successfully followed the path to creating the bootable micro SD.  Problem is, the detachable keyboard no longer works, so I am unable to use the F2 key on start up to boot Windows 10 from the micro SD.  I cannot figure out another way to accomplish this.  So, I am looking for any way to get my HOURS of diligence to pay off.  I don't know if your 'Plop' software would help, but thought it worth a shot to post here in hopes that someone would see and offer me a possible solution.  ANY suggestions are welcome....


Because your Nextbook only has 32 GB hard drive, the only thing you can do if you want Windows 10 is to do a clean installation of it.

Before you do anything, you must:
1.  Run Disk Cleaner and check the System Files checkbox.
This will rid your hard drive of gigabytes of useless Windows update files

2.  Save all your files to the "cloud" or to USB flash drive.

Then, on another PC, download and install Media Creation Tool.
Run MCT to create bootable USB flash drive.

Boot into Windows 8 on your Nextbook
Insert the bootable USB flash drive
Double-click on setup.exe

I have done this on laptops that have only 32 GB eMMC hard drive.

Good luck.
Boot Managers / Re: Questions about your project "New boot manager"
« Last post by MasterCATZ on November 07, 2019, 02:19:59 AM »
seems to only boot USB 1.1

hangs if I do USB 2 and loose USB keyboard
and has boot error if USB 1.1

after I am finished slowly booting from USB 1.1 for my unraid test I will match up the logs for settings tried ..

what has got me is it did boot once as USB 2 , but since then USB keyboard keeps dropping so can not tell it to boot from USB ... going to try digging up my ps2 . even going into settings and selecting not to use 0 or 2 / 3 etc it does not boot

every-time I attach log files it will not let me post ?

Boot Managers / boot manager plpbt-5.0.15 linux
« Last post by pdb128 on October 09, 2019, 14:32:15 PM »
when trying  on linux to boot from a (valid) USB stick containing  also a linux iso with the command

plpcfgbt hiddenusb plpbt.bin     ->  results only in

data error

On another subject your captcha is way too difficult for me compared to almost all previous encounters. Your letters always have 1 or 2 which are not legible. Could you relax it a bit please.
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